14 June | Online

SC Bytesize: Active Directory Cybersecurity Resilience

Active Directory serves as the backbone of your organisation's IT infrastructure, playing a critical role in its smooth functioning and security.

A potential breach your AD environment can have devastating consequences for your business. Hackers not only gain access to highly sensitive information about your business, but they can also exploit this data to launch further attacks on your organisation and its employees, leading to huge losses

Luckily, our latest SC Bytesize event unveiled the secrets to fortifying an Active Directory environment and gave attendees actionable strategies to implement within their own IT infrastructure.

Why Attend?

Keep up to date on the latest developments in Active Directory Management, from the comfort of your own home or office.

Learn how to measure AD risk using a risk register (5x5) discover how you can mitigate these risks to ensure your business is protected.

Take part in our dedicated Q&A session, enabling you to put all your burning questions to our panel of expert speakers.

Across the day, we explored...

- Where is the risk and how can you measure it? 

- How cybersecurity risk can be mitigated for a safer Active Directory environment.

- What the new NISC2 Directive means for you and your active directory cybersecurity.

- How you can incorporate the directive requirements into your security infrastructure.

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